Social Media Best Practices and Digital Etiquette

Social Media

When choosing to have an online presence, one must think of how they would like to portray themselves to the public. It is crucial to understand that any content posted has a certain permanence. Even deleted data on the internet can leave a trace, making it possible to recover.

The internet is a great tool that can be used to build your own personal brand. There are many forms of networks and platforms that make it quite simple for anyone to create a free profile. This accessibility encourages people from all around the world to share their thoughts and ideas. It is possible to share and collaborate with people you’ve never met and who are situated across the globe. This flood of information and profiles however are also what make it difficult for your personal online identity to get noticed. An objective should be determined beforehand on whether this profile would be for personal or business use. Some thought should also be given as to how to make your page unique and stand out from the rest. Sharing thoughts and exchanging information is encouraged but it is important to be sure of your facts. To positively portray yourself, you should speak to what you know, while being respectful and genuine. Know your audience, this will save you from potentially offending anyone.

With so many factors and rules to take into consideration, one may feel wary when it comes to social media. If it’s meant for personal use and leisure, just remember to take advantage of your privacy settings so that your professional life can stay out of it!

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Here’s a link to Nathan Kievman’s perspective on the matter. He is a prestigious Digital Strategist, Speaker and Social Media Consultant & Trainer. Enjoy!


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