Curating Information Through Social Media

Tweetdeck is a free dashboard tool that allows you to organize your Twitter account(s) by building custom columns comprised of different topics, lists or searches. It enables you to view multiple feeds in real-time all on a single page.

Tweetdeck can be utilized to discover new information and can potentially provide more usable sources than a conventional search engine. It allows users to manage and choose where their material is coming from. Tweetdeck provides several suggestions based on your subject to help get you started. It also allows you to track information based on posts with a specified hashtag. Hashtag searches can be done through the regular Twitter interface as well, but having these columns side by side is helpful to sift through several sources all in one place.

Using conventional search engines such as Google may not give you the most current information available on a topic. It also lacks in comparison to social media searches when looking for a range of uncensored opinions. However, using search engines may be more beneficial when searching for less “popular” or current topics. If people are not interested, is it less likely they will be tweeting about it.

Here is an example of how I used Tweetdeck to find information on “big data” and the “digital divide”. Some links were more useful than others but most were of sources I would have never even known to look for.

If you would like more information on how to further customize your columns on Tweetdeck, follow this link:


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